About Us


We are cat lovers, just like you!

When we sit together and work as a team, there are only two goals that we work on:

  • To make the cat-adopter’s life easier
  • To make the pooping activity comfortable enough for the cat

If you think cats like it to poop anywhere they wish to, you are absolutely wrong. We all have researched days and nights over cats and their habits. They are the cleanest animals you would ever find. In fact, they are the only ones, who like pooping in hidden areas, so that nobody looks at them when they are doing their secret activities. Even after pooping, they cover the poop with mud.

Thus, we understood the importance of litter boxes in the lives of the cats as well as their care givers. Considering this importance, we constructed a concept to make people aware about the meaning, uses and different types of litter boxes available in the market for them to purchase for their kittens or cats.

It doesn’t matter how old your cat is, a litter box is surely what he needs.

“But I know nothing about litter boxes!”

If this is in your mind, don’t be worried – with our help, you can learn everything about litter boxes. We also help in providing you with enough guidance on the best litter boxes available for your cat. Our team makes sure that your cat has the most unique and useful litter box at home.

Wait no more – explore our website to know more!