Hidden Litter Box: The Secret Pooping Place For You Cats!

Posted on: December 23rd, 2015 by admin No Comments

The cat in the bathroom sitting in the toilet

Got a best friend in the face of a cat at home? Want to do something really amazing for him?

Buy him a nice hidden litter box. There is something that you must know about the cats – they hate being observed when they are pooping. This is the only reason why they find secret places to poop. They don’t like it when people look at them, especially when their majesties are pooping. Thus, it is always good to buy a nice and good quality covered litter box for your cats at home.

If you are wondering why you would ever want to buy hidden litter boxes for your cats, here’s a list of reasons for the same:

  1. Hidden litter boxes do not stink – Nobody loves going near a litter box and smelling the poop; but the worst thing about having a cat at home is that his poop is bound to stink and it is obviously not the lovely creature’s fault! Thus, the hidden litter boxes serve the purpose for you – they make sure that your house doesn’t stink and your guests or friends are not disturbed by your cat.
  2. You don’t get to see the way he poops – And of course; why would you ever want to see how your cat poops, unless you have been told to ‘keep an eye’ by the veterinarian? It is always good for him to have a nice hidden pooping place for himself, where you are not disturbed by his excreting process!
  3. Your ‘meals’ are not disturbed – This is something that has happened to me a lot of times – whenever I sat on the chair for lunch or dinner, my cat preferred pooping in his litter box, right in front of my eyes. Has this ever happen to you as well? If it has, then you surely know how it feels; don’t you worry – if you have a hidden pooping box for him, he wouldn’t spoil your meals ever!
  4. Hidden boxes keep the cat’s curiosity alive – No doubt curiosity kills the cat, but he always likes being curious in his own ways. If his pooping time can be his playing time, it can be fun for him. Thus, a hidden pooping box is all that your cat needs, especially to meet his curiosity needs!
    If you want to buy a litter box for your cat, don’t forget to search for a nice hidden box for him!